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Daughters of Eve (Cine-Art, 1928?)

Daughters of Eve (Cine-Art, 1928?)

Daughters of Eve was made by Cine-Art Featurettes, who were most known for producing… ahem… “gentlemen’s entertainment”, but unlike other films of theirs that I’m aware of, there is no nudity in Daughters of Eve.

Quite short – only a split reel – and without any real plot, it posits that throughout history man has been a slave to woman and then it shows a series of brief vignettes illustrating its claim. It starts at the dawn of time with Adam and Eve, moves into the Stone Age, to Ancient Greece, to the time of the Borigas, Colonial America, Victorian England, the vamps of the 1910s, the flappers of the present day, and it finally ends with an idea of what the not-too-distant future may hold.

None of these vignettes feature much more than a woman walking by in period-appropriate dress and capturing a man’s attention. Each is preceded by an intertitle introducing the setting and date. The titles are in rhyme and at least make an attempt at humor. Despite it obviously just being a setup to parade attractive women passed the camera, the film comes across as more playful than erotic.

Judging by the clothes, hair, and cars, I’d say it’s from the late ‘20s. The edge code on the film dates it to 1928 and that’s probably within a year or two of when it was shot.

Is it a good film? That’s a difficult question. If you were expecting the usual Cine-Art softcore porn, you’d be disappointed. If you were expecting an entirely aboveboard short comedy, it really isn’t funny. I suppose my difficulty in rating Daughters of Eve stems from my not knowing exactly what it is or what it’s trying to be. The absurd future getups alone are worth something, so I can’t say it’s all bad. I’ll have to say…

My rating: Meh.